Photographic Distinctions


Photographic Distinctions can be gained by applying to any of the following orgranisations. There are others but these are the main ones used by club photographers.

The Royal Photographic Society;  – if you click on this link it will take you to more information about gaining an LRPS, ARPS and FRPS
FIAP though there salons;
Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB);
British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE)

PAGB Presentation

In 2012 we had a talk from a representative of the PAGB and below is part of that presentation.  It gives you sample images and information on how the system works.   The images in this gallery were used in 2012 and it is more than likely that images taken now have improved.  However the Gallery will give you an idea.  Please double click on first image and then use arrow keys to move forward or mouse.

This is the link to some our Members Distinction Panels.