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​Competition Rules & Categories 2024

The submission date for the digital competition has now passed.  This competition will be held on 18 April 2024, and will be judged by David Snowden.

 PRINT COMPETITION to be held on 30th May 2024 and will be judged by Mac Bouchere FRPS

The closing date for the submission of your entry form and supporting digital image files is 2 May 2024.  The prints themselves must be submitted at the Camera Club by 9 May 2024. 

 Before completing any competition entry form, please read the rules carefully. Incorrect completion of the form may lead to your images being disqualified.  Please ensure that you enter the image titles on the form in capitals. 

 Note that the judging will be on the basis of the physical prints, not the digital images which we require for administrative purposes, and to project for the audience on the evening of the competition. 

 Prints  must have been photographed from 1st January 2023 and by the closing date for entry to the competition.

 A maximum of three print images is permitted in the print competition.

 Download Competition Entry Form here: ECC_Annual_Competition_Form

 Entry details

  • All images should be mounted (mounts not to exceed 400mm x 500mm).
  • Images must be entirely the work of the photographer. In Composite images all component images must meet this requirement. For avoidance of doubt, images from any other source including, but not limited to, AI, free image banks and clipper are not permitted.
  • The prints should be labelled on the reverse stating Print Title in capital letters, and category entered e.g. DARTMOOR SUNSET_Scapes. Do not include your name, which will appear only on the entry form.
  • It is compulsory that all prints are supported by a digital version, with the same title but with the addition of your initials, e.g. “Dartmoor Sunset_Scapes AB”. All digital images should be jpgs and resized to 1600px on the longest side x 1200px on the vertical side (Portrait images should be no more than 1200px high).
  • These digital versions and the entry form must be submitted before you submit the physical prints, and in any event by 2 May 2024 by email to the Competition Secretary  
  • You should bring your prints to the Club on a Thursday evening for submission. We will accept prints on 18 April, 2 May and 9 May.  Please ensure that they are placed in the box provided for them.  
  • Make sure you read the category criteria. If your image is entered in the incorrect category, you will be contacted by the Competition Secretary. 

Image categories

 The notes accompanying the Category Headings are purely there for the guidance of both entrants and judges – they are not meant to be exhaustive. It is the responsibility of entrants to interpret the category and place their image in the correct one.

The sections for both competitions are as follows: 

  1.  SCAPES: The wider world where the individual elements are less important than the whole / to include Land, Sea, Sky, Towns and Cities.
  2.  PEOPLE: A person or persons forming the main focus of the image, to include straight or manipulated shots.
  3. NATURE: Includes all aspects of the natural world and may include captive, tame or wild subjects
  4. PICTORIAL: An artistic interpretation of a subject by the use of any method to create a new and imaginative image.

Judgment and places

For both competitions, there will be a winner, runner up, and a third place awarded in each category. In the event of there being less than 10 entries in any one category the award of a third place or a highly commended will be at the judge’s discretion.

 An overall winning image will be selected for both the Digital and Print Competition, which will be one of the winning category images.

 The Digital Image and Print Competition winner will be presented with the club trophies, which will be held for one year.

Mount Cutter & Mounts

Exeter Camera Club owns a mount cutter which is for cutting club members mounts, it can be loaned out to club members or if you wish to have your mounts cut for you, that can be arranged.

The mount cutter is a Frame Co Mat Master System 1060B and details of the system can be found below

To encourage members to enter our annual Print Competition, the Committee have purchased some mounts on behalf of the Club and these are held by Martin Lovell who will cut mounts for Club members. The 50x40cm mounts are offered at a discounted price of £1.50 each to encourage members to enter the Club’s annual Print Competition. These mounts are not intended for other uses such as member’s personal projects or distinction submissions.

To discuss your requirements please contact Martin Lovell on 07500 334681 or email

Guidelines and Examples for Club Presentations


Please click here for PDF Document

Naming and Sizing Images for the Website Pages

For images that are going on the website in any of the following sections, please name and size as requested.  All images to be sent to the Webmaster

Members Galleries

  • Size to 1600 x 1200 pixels maximum
  • Naming – Title of the image only in lower case with no symbols between words.  Do not add a number,  your name or any other symbols –  example below
  • Autumn Mist

Special Interest Groups  Galleries

  • Size 1600 x 1200 pixels maximum
  • Naming: Title by Member’s Name  – example below
  • Autumn Mist by Sheila Haycox
  • DO NOT add a number or any other symbols.

Members Distinction Panels

  • Statement of Intent required where applicable
  • 10, 15, 20 or 21 images depending on the submission
  • Panel Layout – One Single image showing the panel layout
  • No Title – Only number each image, no titles
  • Size – 1600 x 1200 maximum

Competition Winners Images

  • Size 1600 x 1200 pixels maximum
  • Title as follows with underscore as shown below – category, award position, title by members name – examples below
  • 1st Open_Light Trail by Sheila Haycox
  • 2nd Nature_Elephant by Sheila Haycox
  •  Highly Commended Nature_Egrets by Sheila Haycox

There will be one over winner so please title that slide as follows with the appropriate category

  • Overall Winner & 1st Pictorial_City Lights by Sheila Haycox

Discussion Evenings

You may bring print and/or digital images. Normally there will be a Set Subject listed in the programme and this will be followed by an Open Section for images of any subject matter. Prints must be accompanied by a digital version to be projected for the audience to view whilst the prints are being assessed by the commentators.

You may bring a maximum of two images these may be either prints (accompanied by a digital version), Digital Projected Images (DPI’s) or any combination of the two.
If there are too many images to show in the time available, images from the Open Section may not be shown.

Images must be jpeg format 1600 pixels maximum width and/or 1200 pixels maximum height if in portrait mode. 

When submitting the DPI’s you should name the image files as follows:

  • OS – Open Subject
  • SS – Set Subject
  • Sequence number for the image (’01’ or ’02’)
  • P – To Accompany Print
  • Authors Name

OS-01-JohnSmith    SS-02-JohnSmith  P-JohnSmith-Title

The labelling of prints should be as follows:

  • OS – Open Subject
  • SS – Set Subject
  • Authors Name
  • Image Title

OS-JohnSmith-Title    SS-JohnSmith-Title 

Instructions for sizing images using Lightroom and Photoshop are available here: