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      Brian Rees

        I have just uploaded some photos taken on the iPhone Safari in Exeter last Friday by following Gary’s instructions as per page two of his guide to using the website. I then wondered “How do other members know that I have uploaded those photos?” It would seem that if I want my photos to be available for all to see then I should have uploaded them into this Members General Forum and not through my own profile. Am I right?

        PS Shouldn’t the button at the bottom say “Submit” rather than “Submitting”?

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        Sheila Haycox


          What I would suggest is you still put them in your own album and then go to the Forum and say that you have uploaded images from the shoot an here is the link and just put one sample image.  That way you have the best of both worlds.

          click here for Brian’s own album. 

          Also the News page does have articles on what has been happening within the club and some of your images are in the 21 October article.   Click here for the News link


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