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        The next Cafe Scientifique will take place on Tuesday 18th April 2023 at 3.00pm when Eric Hobson will talk about Photography through a Career in Science and Music

        Eric began his working career in 1968 in the Chemistry Department of the Regional Research and Development Department in Leeds for the North East Region of the Central Electricity Generation Board. At this time the power industry was going through major technical changes with the construction and commissioning of new large coal and oil fired boilers. Many new steels were developed to operate at these new high pressure and temperature boilers and understanding how they would perform in service was a major challenge. Corrosion and materials strength were a major issue and a number of research projects were undertaken to better understand the mechanisms involved and how they would react in service. To undertake these studies much of this work was undertaken with state of the art transmission (TEM & STEM’s) and scanning electron microscopes (SEM’s). These instruments are in essence cameras albeit very powerful ones magnifying up to 1,000,000 times. They had light source of electron beams, condensers, lenses and photographic plates to capture the images. They did much more than imaging including chemical analysis and crystal structure analysis but still in essence cameras.


        Since retiring Eric has photographed musicians performing live at Festivals. He will outline how his photography has developed through his science career over the years and has informed his present photography.


        Please note that this event will be live at the Cellar Bar at Kennaway House, Coburg Road EX10 8NG. You will be expected to pay £2.50 entrance which includes a hot drink. (Or pay £2.50 for a hot drink and then come in free!) Please come prepared.

        At present there are no plans to record this event but this may change

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