Sandra Bartocha (club presentation 14 March 2024)

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      Bridget Davies

        Sandra mentioned some inspirational photographers, as follows:

        • Ernst Hass, who was taking images with deliberated ICM back in the 1960s. She particularly mentioned his book ‘The Creation’, copies of which an be found online at a relatively low price.
        • Arno Rafael Minkkinen, whose images can be found online. Many of these images include the naked human body, often his own, in the landscape.

        Sandra mentioned two books she had created in her talk.  They are ‘An intimate journey to the North’ (about Scandinavia) and ‘The Rhythm of Nature’.  You can find information about & images from them online.

        Sandra also gave her own tips about ways to create more meaningful work

        • Stay focused
        • Make photography a priority
        • Listen to yourself, care about things…
        • Mindmap ideas
        • Projects find you, not you find the projects
        • Go out and photograph every day

        Everything we care about can be posed in picture!


        She also cited a statement by Ernst Haas:

        ‘Don’t ever over-analyse your results. Don’t ever try to find your own secret or the one which you admire.  One does not try to catch soap bubbles.  One enjoys them in flight and is grateful for their fluid existence.’

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        Philip Arthur

          I bought a soft back copy of Ernst Haas’  The Creation from World of Books, in good nick for £7.50. Great stuff.

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