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      Dimitrios Theodorakis

        There are some good RPS talks planned for Sunday which may interest members:

        12 – 4 pm this Sunday 25th 3 Speakers

        Registration Link

        <b>At 12.00</b> we have <b>Nicholas Vreeland</b> – ‘Monk with a camera in his bag’.

        Nicholas will speak about how being a monk influences his photography. He will address the importance of working towards creating an image rather than capturing what is before him, and will try to share how the Buddhist view of emptiness and dependent arising help him accomplish this.

        Fun with AI – we have had a few traditional images sent to Simon Newlyn and he has challenged various AI programmes to recreate them for us to see traditional v AI generated. Each photographer has submitted text with their image which is Simon’s starting point when he works with AI. This session will be hosted by Joe Houghton as he talks to both Simon and the original author about their work.

        <b>At 15.00 – Brook Shaden</b> is an American photographic artist who uses herself as her model as she works on themed series of work.  Brooke will show us how to create art that is both personally meaningful, but also resonates with a larger audience.
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