January 2023 Field Trip – 2 dates…

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      Adrian Harris

        January 2023 Field Trip/s

        Starting in January we are trialling having 2 separate dates for our monthly field trip location. The plan being to try and cater for all members who wish to meet with others in the group to share a photographic outing. So we will have…

        • A weekend date – for the workers 😉
        • A weekday date – for retirees 😉

        The proposed January 2023 field trip dates are :

        • Wednesday 25th January.
        • Saturday 28th January.

        A selection of meeting venues will be proposed during our 10th January Scapes zoom meeting and final location chosen by members votes.

        PS: Sorry I am currently unable to add these dates to our Scapes calendar, – simply because I cannot remember how!

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        Adrian Harris

          Scapes January 2023 field trip dates:

          Wednesday 25th January – Retirees?
          Saturday 28th January – Worker?

          A selection of 3 locations were proposed during our 10th January Scapes zoom meeting (see info sheet Below) and members decided that the final location to be chosen for this month should be decided via a Scapes WhatsApp discussion nearer those dates when we have a clearer view of the likely weather.
          One of the two locations not chosen will be put forward for our February trip.

          Just a reminder: As we meet for critique via zoom, our field trips are seen largely as an opportunity to meet in person, reconnoiter an area, a chance to help with or seek photographic guidance and provide an oportunity to socialise over tea and tiffin – or possibly a pasty and a pint 😉

          Anyway which ever your poison, please look at the information sheet below and keep an eye on the Scapes WhatsApp group for the discussion on final location choice and travel options.


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