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      Gary Gawler

        Following a recent meeting with Exeter University Photographic Society, we have received the attached message and invitation:

        On Wed, 7 Feb 2024 at 16:45, Oscar Rattray <> wrote:
        Dear Anne,

        I hope you and the rest of the Exeter camera club are very well, I first wanted to say a big thank you for having us at your wonderful meeting a couple of weeks ago. The level of photographic skill was quite incredible and I know we all enjoyed it thoroughly!
        I wanted to get in touch as I thought one of our upcoming events may be of interest to your members, we’re hosting a wildlife photography event in collaboration with the rangers at Cranbrook town council on the 9th March. We’d be starting at 0945 and meeting in the Country Park at our Orchard benches: W3W///lunching.secretly.wanting. Parking can be found either along Burrough Fields road or the Trainstation which is free.
        If any of your members do want to come please can they pick up a free ticket from this link, just so we know how many are coming!
        I’ll also attach some promotional media our publicity secretary has made for the event, it does refer to meeting at Exeter central station but I should think many of your members have their own vehicle and will prefer to drive! 
        Do let me know if you have any questions!
        Best wishes,
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