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      Bob Sterry

        Hi all I’ve just started using amazon prime cloud storage but I find that I can’t read my raw files.

        Has anyone had the same problem if so what did you do to fix it.

        All files are Nikon Nef raw from various cameras.

        thanks in advance

        bob sterry

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        Adrian Midgley

          I believe it is supposed to just work. Have you fixed it?

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          Bob Sterry

            Hi Adrian

            No not fixed and still have no Ida how to fix. Have googled it and tried some of there suggestions. I think I may delete all and start again and hopefully that will help.


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              Adrian Midgley

                “can’t read”.

                Do you mean that if you click on a JPEG in Amazon’s cloud it opens for viewing, but if you click on a raw file it doesn’t?

                Or that having downloaded a raw that you had previously uploaded, it won’t open in whatever you usually use?

                Or that when you upload a set of raw files, you cannot see icons or a listing for them on Amazon?

                Did it ever work?


                I don’t think a web browser can open a raw file natively, whether it can with a plugin for that variety of raw, or whether it can be told to start another program with the (downloaded) file may depend on the browser, and on it being set up.



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              Bob Sterry

                I can see jpeg files but not raw files. All files transferred from iCloud where everything worked as it should

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                Sheila Haycox

                  I would suggest that you keep your Raw files separate.   Amazon is not suitable for Raw Images as they cannot be seen.  I use Amazon for my processed images and make albums etc.  Its an ideal place to put copies of all your processed images especially for showing friends etc.  These can be tiff, psd, or jpg.

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