Bridget Davies ARPS


Bridget gained her ARPS 21 October 2020 and below is her Statement of Intent


A little exploration

Two adjacent bays are known for their massive cliffs and rocks, spectacular from a distance. If you look more closely, you can find another world of pattern, texture and detail.  I enjoy seeking out these vistas at close quarters. Hard, angular, sharp rocks meet the sea and are worn into smooth curvaceous shapes. Layers of slate are interspersed with sedimentary siltstone and sandstone, the multiple origins of which produce great variety in colours and textures. Rises, falls and sweeping lines are revealed, suggestive of a wider landscape. Other scenes are more abstract. In the absence of flora and fauna and without a wider context, the visual cues which indicate scale and guide our perception are greatly reduced, giving welcome scope for ambiguity and alternative interpretations.