News Items from our Club Meetings & Outings

8 December 2022 – Phil Penman, New York

An evening with New York based photographer Phil Penman, who provided an engaging account of his work and career, always pushing the boundaries and looking for a different perspective and story to tell. He has 20 plus years of cycling around the city streets, working with celebrity portraits, documenting life – changing events and seeking out the human face, personality and nature of life on the streets. His iconic black and white photography made with his Leica camera and his colour shots at night in the snow have a beauty, mystery and empathy. He treats people with respect, kindness and a humility to tell their truths, using low and level camera angles to embolden the people he meets, rather than tower above them. Many are now friends.

Phil witnessed the collapse of the twin towers and in that moment his life changed, forging lifelong relationships with the people he photographed that day in its terrible aftermath. His portraiture and stories of the New York homeless, abandoned by the State during covid, were poignant, powerful and respectful. We enjoyed Phil’s relaxed style, his ability to creatively observe and his Dorset roots! Phil is another photographer who has made his passion his life work and who has pursued his craft and ambition. He constantly seeks to push himself to find creativity, shooting wide open, sometimes with old lenses and using a unique style of having multiple layers in his street scenes composition. The natural attributes of weather, fog and snow. provide a backdrop forms work. His preference is for a classic look and timeless images.

May 7th 2019: Picture taken inside the Oculus in downtown, New York City, USA
Copyright: Phil Penman