News Items from our Club Meetings & Outings

1 December 2022 – Mike Longhurst , well-seen

Mike Longhurst FRPS gave us an interesting evening based on the theme of “Well Seen”. In the first half he provided a thoughtful and detailed critique of members images giving meaning to why an image is considered to be ‘well seen’.  As usual members images did not disappoint and it was great to see an excellent range and variety of interpretations. There were quirky and interesting images in black and white and limited colour palettes, which were also wonderful and prompted story telling. We also enjoyed the impromptu humour of life. 

Mike’s critique of what makes a picture interesting and prompts the oft used comment ‘well seen’ helped to explain the concept. We saw a variety of pictures with a range of attributes – humour, mood, sentiment, atmosphere, colour palette, pattern, the decisive moment and the unusual, but all with a quality which could qualify as ‘well seen’.

Mike brought along his Fellowship panel of prints of abstract patterns of sand dunes in Namibia which encouraged a lot of interest during the break. In part 2 Mike showed his work featuring travel, people and abstract again demonstrating how mood, colour, light, shapes and form lend themselves to the justification of “well seen’. A couple of his images are shown below.