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24 November 2022 – Henley Spiers, Underwater wildlife photography

There was warm appreciation for Henley, our locally based speaker. He delighted us with his personal story from the corporate world to diver to photographer, with some stunning glimpses of the underwater world.  His passion for depicting movement and experimenting with slow shutter revealed beautiful images of diving Gannets amongst other creatures and plant life. Henley encouraged us to think about the underwater world close to home and just under the surface, not just deep sea scuba diving.  He brought along his camera and it’s housing and discussed a variety of technical and essential items in pursuit of this niche area of photography, and described how winning some exclusive competitions had opened doors and expanded his horizons. Henley has taken some risks and created his own luck in making a successful and dramatic career change in pursuit of his love of the sea and showing its often hidden beauty. He has a great story and as an eloquent, enthusiastic speaker made an engaging evening for us all.