News Items from our Club Meetings & Outings

17 November – RPS distinctions with Linda Wevill and Ken Holland

We had a tour de force on Thursday with two fellows of the RPS, Linda Wevill and Ken Holland, displaying their three successful distinctions panels. In total, we had over 60 prints on display simultaneously, giving everyone an opportunity to look a them as closely as they wished.

Linda and Ken described the three levels of distinctions, (licentiateship (L), Associateship (A), and Fellowship (F).  They emphasised that it can be helpful to take advantage of the support and advice that the RPS offers, in particular advisory days and 1:1 advice from an assessor on zoom.  In addition, it is possible to observe assessments as they take place, either in person in Bristol, or on zoom.

Ken and Linda displayed multiple panels at each level and described how they satisfied the criteria for assessment.  Important points to note were the significance of technical quality; the need to show obvious creative intent when departing from conventional techniques, with there being more scope for this at A & F level; and adventurous or unconventional composition and framing being welcome at all levels, so long as they work visually.  L panels can include a mix of monochrome and colour images; A and F panels need to show a coherent style.

When describing their own F panels, it was clear that Ken and Linda had a strong connection with their themes.  Ken’s statement of intent showed great personal involvement: ‘Using photography to convey my anxieties through visual metaphors has encouraged me to work mindfully, valuing every moment, and to use silence and time positively.’  Linda’s two panels had a very strong sense of place, both having been shot near her homes at the time. 

Below are three of Linda’s images, followed by two by Ken.