News Items from our Club Meetings & Outings

27 October 22 – Rosemary Wilman: image discussion evening

In the first half, Rosemary treated us to some of her favourite images on a variety of different subjects – including her take on the “Less is More” theme. There were some wonderful travel shots from around the world and she explained her rationale for the chosen composition for each image.

From Harris and Lewis, she illustrated the beneficial effect of various crops for the same beach images. On one visit to Luskentyre beach, she noticed some really striking colours in the water resulting from peat runoff following a recent storm, underlining how we should always be ready for the unexpected and make the most of it.

From there we travelled to Yellowstone National Park and witnessed some incredible images displaying the variety of colours and textures at various times of the year. This was followed by many excellent images from India, Santorini and Iceland – many of these illustrating her take on the “Less is More” theme.

In the second half of the evening, she constructively critiqued our submitted images on the theme and encouraged discussion with the authors. For some of the submissions, she had quickly ‘tweaked’ the images so we could see a before and after. In every case, we could see the difference that her interventions had made and had to agree that the images benefitted and were improved.

Rosemary was impressed by the standard of images submitted by our members and all had interpreted the theme in their own way and had used a wide variety of subjects.  We also welcomed that all of the authors joined the discussion about their own images, making it a very constructive and interactive meeting. 

A selection of Rosemary’s images is below.

A couple of members’ images which we discussed

Credit: Dave Dummett (the man who can make a telegraph pole look beautiful)

Credit: Jo Bird, with a wonderfully delicate rendition of a flamingo