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12 October 2022 – Workshop with Paul Mitchell

On Wednesday 12 October a few members attended a workshop run by Paul Mitchell and below some comments from Anne Whitely about the day plus a few of the images taken by members.

All those attending the workshop at Fingle Bridge spoke well of their experience. Here are some of the comments from the event.

Phil writes “ An enjoyable day with Paul trying to convey how he sees images in woodland. He has a great eye for zoning in on small areas of the landscape to identify what could work as an image; something I’ve always found difficult. His use of a small framing card is a simple way of eliminating distractions and I will certainly carry one around with me in the future. Seeing his presentation at the club really reinforced how his approach works incredibly well.”

A few words from Suzanne…….’The day started with a briefing on the essentials of photographing woodlands. Setting the camera to cloudy white balance and using a telephoto lens to look beyond the wider scene to pick out elements were some of his many tips.  We walked upstream with Paul giving a practical demo of looking at things in a different way and showing how to pick out elements of the landscape.  Paul was always on hand for advice as the group set about creating images. Paul is an excellent teacher and it was a really good and inspiring day.’

A few words from Stella….’It was a delightful day that started with Paul encouraging us to relax and take our time looking for possible photos before getting our cameras out of our bags.  After awhile, with a little help, we began to appreciate how to visualise an image from all the clutter of the woodland around us.  We tried to keep our ‘woodland eyes’ on and not get too distracted by all the fungi around us. I found it a very enjoyable, informative, inspiring and relaxing day.’

Phil and Stella have kindly shared some of their images which are attached below.