News Items from our Club Meetings & Outings

29 September 2022: Outer Hebrides; Design, form and structure; and Birds

A ‘local heroes’ evening with members of our club presenting and discussing their work.

Outer Hebrides: A superb presentation truly showing the wild beauty of the Hebrides. A total of 11 members visited the island at various times during the year and enjoyed a wide variety of weather. As well as tranquil scenes of beautiful blue and green seas and vast open stretches of sand, we saw wild seas and swells in the aftermath of numerous Atlantic storms. The images really captured the unique clarity and quality of light available and some even witnessed a spectacular display of the Northern Lights. A big thank you to Paul McLoughlin for collating the images and narrating and Phil Woolley for putting the presentation together.

Image credit: Dave Dummett
Image Credit: Phil Wooley

Helene Clarkson opened our eyes to her world of design, form and structure. In an interesting, enlightening and very interactive talk, she took us from tiles in a public toilet to the Hayward Gallery. Her observations really opened our eyes to the lines, textures and shapes around us. To get the best angle for some of her images, Helene often lies down and on one occasion, had 2 members of the public lie down with her to see what she saw! It was a very entertaining talk.

To end the evening, David Pike presented some of his bird images. As usual, the images were full of detail and there were some stunning close up photos of birds in flight. His Kingfisher images were spectacular and he managed to capture the detail of the water droplets while retaining the dynamic nature of the action. Some of the most exciting images were those which demonstrated fierce interactions of raptors squabbling over their prey. A fitting close to the evening.