News Items from our Club Meetings & Outings

3 August 2022 – Workshops as part of the 2022/23 Programme

As part of the 2023 Programme we have approached several of our speakers to see if they can offer workshops as part of their visit to Exeter. It would be very helpful to start to pull together participant lists to see who is interested in each of the workshops offered. We will work on a ‘first come first served’ basis if there are more people interested than places available. Please contact David ( to let him know which workshop you would be interested in attending. David will always acknowledge your e-mail, so if you do not hear back from him, please re-send.

Landscape Workshop with Paul Mitchell Wednesday 12th October- Cost: £50 per person

You can see Paul’s work here. Paul has not yet worked out the location or details of the workshop and while he says his speciality is woodlands, you can see from his website he covers a wide range of landscapes. Paul will be presenting to the club on the following day. If you are interested in this workshop and any particular type of landscape photography please let David know and he can feed that back to Paul as part of his planning process.

iPhone Safari with Jeanette Lendon – Friday 21st October – Cost £30 per person

All you need is your smartphone, a sense of humour and a good pair of shoes as Jeanette shows you how to use your camera better on a walk through Exeter. As well as sharing her top tips on how to get stunning photos Jeanette will also explain how to edit your photos using one of the best free apps around. The Safari will be in central Exeter and will last approximately 2/2.5 hours. The starting point and time for the Safari will be confirmed closer to the date – Jeanette would like 10 people for the safari, but if there is enough interest, she can run two sessions on the day.

You can see more of Jeanette’s work here

Image review Workshop with Rosemary Wilman – Friday 28th October – Cost £25/pp

Rosemary will be hosting a talk and image discussion evening on the 27th October at the Coaver Club and has offered to extend the image discussion the following day to look at individual photographer’s work in a small group setting.

Rosemary has a diverse interest in photography and counts travel, landscape and natural history among her favourite genre but she is equally happy to photograph whatever takes her eye. Rosemary has a long association with the Royal Photographic Society and sat on the Licentiate Panel for 8 years before serving as a Chair from 2015-2019. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with other photographers. Rosemary is a member of the Epsom Camera Club, a qualified PAGB and Surrey P A Judge and also enters exhibitions. She regularly exhibits her work as a member of Spectrum Photo Art.

Rosemary will hold two sessions each for a small group of 6-8 members who would like assistance and advice on their images. Rosemary would like you to come with up to 15 images, they can be as varied as you would like and she will discuss as many as possible (depending on the group size) with you and the other group participants, giving advice on composition and technique. For each of the images Rosemary would like you to start the discussion with your thoughts on the image (why you took it, what you were hoping to capture/achieve etc) and any questions you may have. 

We will ask for the images to be submitted as digital images beforehand, so that Rosemary has some time to prepare, but on the day you can bring along print versions if you would prefer to discuss the printed photograph.

You can read more about Rosemary on her website here

RPS Advisory Day with Linda Wevill and Anna Stevenson – Friday 18th November – Venue: tbd Cost: £15 to show your work and £10 as an observer

On the 17th November Linda Wevill and Anna Stevenson will be talking to us at the Coaver Club about the RPS Distinctions and on the following day they will hold an RPS Advisory Day with our members having the first opportunity to sign up, before it is opened up to the wider SW Regional members of the RPS. The objective of the RPS Distinctions programme is to support and inspire everyone to improve their own photography practice, and to celebrate those who reach clearly defined standards. Advisory Days are where anyone can get advice on their body of work before applying for the Distinction or attend as an observer to learn about the Distinctions process. Linda and Anna will be able to give advice on Licentiate panels generally and on any level for Contemporary photography. Linda is also due to start on the Visual Arts assessment panel early next year.