News Items from our Club Meetings & Outings

24 March 2022 Paul Sansome

A treat this evening, Paul is a professional fine art and travel photographer, well published with a number of prestigious awards to his name including success in a variety of competitions: landscape photographer of the year; wildlife photographer of the year and travel photographer of the year. His interest across a range of genres made his presentation rich in content . Paul’s affinity and empathy with people shows in his work and he is able to convey both emotion and story telling . He is also a firm believer of serendipity, describing how a Heron flew into one of his images to make a different story.  We enjoyed the rich colours of costumes; the quiet and complimentary colour palettes of people and their surroundings; the textures , patterns and abstracts of landscapes. With many layers to his photography this presentation is a good one to view on the zoom recording . For those of us at Coaver we were also able to appreciate some captivating prints. Paul runs photographic holidays to interesting locations and has a passion for coastal scenery, a favourite is Iceland. His travel photography holidays are often in ‘off the beaten track ‘ locations in Asia. Paul supports a water aid charity to give something back to the communities he visits and where he is often called Mr Paul by the children..