News Items from our Club Meetings & Outings

10 March 2022 – Visual Art Group Presentation

The evening was hosted by a number of presenters – Marija, Phil, Alan, Alan B (and on behalf of Susie and Debbie) and Martin . We were invited to “wiggle and wobble’ our cameras and to ‘get down and dirty’ and introduced to a variety of techniques along the way . We enjoyed the sense of fun the group have on their outings and now know 10 things to do in Teignmouth .The caves at Beer looked really spooky as were the images of mystery captured in the Italian Garden. Images  ranged from exquisite fine art to grunge ; black and white to glorious colour; subtle and soft pastels; shapes and textures . We were encouraged to explore phone apps like Hipstamatic – which I must admit is a favourite of mine too and to embrace the image making qualities of our mobile phones. The approach in VAG was summed up by Alan B as ‘total freedom in image making, there are no rules’ and members are encouraged to express themselves. It was a visual treat to see how the ordinary world can be transformed into something extraordinary and in a variety of creative forms.