News Items from our Club Meetings & Outings

10 February 2022 Eva Polak

A real eye-opener last night when Eva Polack presented her talk; “How to be an Artist with the Camera” – all the way from New Zealand. This session registered two ‘firsts’ for Exeter Camera Club:

1. She was our furthest presenter – and is likely to hold that record unless David finds a presenter in Tonga!

2. Our first experience of time travel – we received a presentation on Thursday that was transmitted on Friday! Eva’s work was stunning. Her subjects covered Nature; People and Landscape and all were clearly in her style. She uses a combination of ICM, slow shutter speed and multiple exposure to achieve her end results and they were all works of art. If you logged out after the end of the questions, you missed the best bit. She finished with sequences of dancers set to music and her progression of photographing dandelion seed heads and water droplets – absolutely brilliant