Mike Martin from Bristol came to show us a wide array of prints, and to describe his approach to image selection and editing. Whilst he aims to get the main building blocks right in camera, such as exposure and cropping, he is prepared to edit at a very detailed level to get the result he wants.  His main specialty is portraits.  The flawless complexion of women models is ensured by the delicate removal of blemishes, while men are treated to a more ‘grungy’ look. The techniques he demonstrated are also applicable to other genres of photography, particularly those where a detailed approach to editing is sought. 

Mike gave the presentation with humor, and was keen to reveal the results of his experimentation, which is not invariably successful.  It is, however, productive for his  to development and continuing interest in photography, and he enjoys the process. A good example to others.

Examples of Mike’s work can be found on his website.