Janey gave as an interesting insight into her lengthy journey towards producing a book documenting the people and their surroundings in Southampton, and a range of similar cities.  

Along the way, she showed how her appetite for learning both from others, and as a result of her own experimentation, seemed to be stimulated, rather than sated as she undertook various projects.  She found an online course on storytelling with Alec Soth, a Magnum photographer, on photographic storytelling particularly useful, encompassing both landscapes and the people who lived in them. 

During the covid period, she chose to focus on Southampton, near to where she lives, exploring changes in the city centre, and subsequently expanded the scope of the project to cover ten cities in total.  She sought feedback and advice from other documentary photographers to finesse her shooting style, and to develop a mix of photographic subjects which support the story she wanted to tell.   

With the goal of producing a book, she worked with a graphic designer to give physical form to the messages that she wanted to communicate. The book is now nearing publication. 

Throughout the presentation, Janey openly shared both the challenges of such a complex project as well as approaches she had found useful.