This was another great evening of a sub-group of our members showing their own work.  Collectively, they covered a wide variety of subjects and many different techniques and approaches to photography.  They demonstrated a healthy disrespect for limiting conventions such as the rule of thirds, and avoidance of deep blacks and bright whites. In their place, they sought out striking compositions, exploiting the graphic possibilities offered by monochrome to great effect. The members embraced a range of special subjects with gusto, and often with imagination and humour. 

David Edwards gave an interesting demonstration of how to avoid shades of grey, opting instead for very high contrast images. Sharpening to the maximum, with a radius to match the level of detail of the image, was key. 

Paul McLoughlin provided an articulate running commentary to a series of images, drawing on his deep appreciation of landscape photography.  Phil Lockett brought the whole together with both AVs and his own personal commentary on numerous images. 

As well as more earnest photography, we greatly enjoyed the humour in parts of the presentation. The memes merited a special mention.

Image credits: Ann Owens, Anne Whiteley, Adrian Harris

Image credits: Eve Matthews, Jean Ackford, Phil Lockett

Image credits: Adrian Midgley, David Edwards

Image credit : David Edwards ( a meme expressing a sentiment espoused by photographers, as well as young children)