Anne Whitely writes:

Last Thursday Bridget shared a variety of her book making projects and images, illustrating her pathway to success to achieving an RPS Fellowship in 2023. Along the way she described the ‘twists and turns’, the editorial and narrative process and the challenges of unpicking the mysteries of the illusive Fellowship; sharing learning and tips and the hazards of glue! This was an insightful, honest and inspiring presentation which members thoroughly appreciated, especially as Bridget shared her creative thought and decision-making processes in the development of the beautifully handmade, illustrated Fellowship book on her Return to Berlin. During the break we took the opportunity of experiencing the tactile quality of handmade books, looking at presentation layouts and different forms of book binding. Afterwards we enjoyed a presentation of the Black and White Images of Berlin made for the book accompanied by a fascinating commentary of impressions of Berlin now, compared to Bridget’s student days living in West Berlin, which was then behind the Iron Curtain.

Bridget’s attention to detail, aim for perfection and her joy of the creative book making process left us all with hope and inspiration to aspire to what may seem unattainable. The positive legacy of book making came across ‘loud and clear’ and the whole experience of storytelling for the viewer was well illustrated. Another memorable club night and so rewarding to share in the work of our club member and President.

Scenes from Kreuzberg in former West Berlin, left and middle, and former East Berlin, right, which have changed relatively little.

Buildings constructed after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Left to right, Zimmerstrasse (Springer Publishing HQ), the Federal Chancellor’s Office, view from the roof top of the Humboldt Forum.

All images Copyright Bridget Davies

Further information about Bridget’s Fellowship submission can be found in the link.