In this session, our Visual Arts Group showed a great range of images, displaying their varied approaches to photography as an art form. In the monthly meetings of the group, we have both a special subject and open categories.  We also give the floor to individual members who wish to showcase a portfolio of their work.  

John Perriam showed a number of AVs, covering a range of subjects.  He displayed great diversity of techniques and approaches. His superb photographic skills provide the foundation for all of his outputs.

Kay Piercy has recently been taking striking portraits of passers-by, with their consent, using her Rolleiflex camera.  She took the opportunity to engage with those she photographed, which most likely contributed to the depth and intensity of her images.

Linda and Bob Pearson presented a large set of their images from the isle of Harris.  They have clearly spent much time there, seeking out the subtlety of the scenes, as well as the grand vistas.

Richard Sercombe provided an entertaining take on ‘nothing in particular’.  His creative eye had lighted on subjects for abstracts, which he exploited for artistic effect.

Sue Gawler compiled a sequence of images from our special subjects and trips, showing the commitment of group members to find or make an image, regardless of how tricky the subject is.

Image credits: Alan Bastin, Debbie Hammond, Di Pell

Image credits: Graham Cooper, Mike Williams, Martin Lovell

Image credits: Di Wilkins, Byan Radford, Jane White

Image credits: Jenny Phillips, Marija Lees