It was a pleasure to welcome Sandra, an accomplished nature photographer, and inspiring speaker, from Northern Germany.  She follows her own creative inclinations, resisting development of a particular style of photography, feeling that would be unduly limiting. She described working a scene and deciding how to shoot.  A sharp observer of her environment, she takes her time and seeks out interesting and novel views, often up close.  She is also opportunistic, happy to be diverted by a potentially fleeting image, an example of which is the photograph below.

Her chosen technical tools have been around for a long time.  She was taking double exposures back in the days of film. Although digital photography provides more options, she remains keen only to use techniques to support her wider creative intent, rather than vice versa.  Many of her images are shaped by her exposure choices, for example with narrow depth of field, and brightness (or darkness) which falls outside the so-called normally acceptable bounds for photography. 

She has produced several books which are based on very long running projects.  The images below are from her book ‘Rhythm of Nature’.