Marc’s passion is to document the histories, memories and stories of events and people in the landscape. Far from producing a traditional picture of the landscape, he described how his work is always about something that happened, showing and telling through the power of photography. His projects are often long term and serious. He starts with an idea, then explores and researches a subject before picking up a camera. He talked about using ‘eyes and ears’ in finding a ‘quiet visual language’, seeking to find another voice to express his intent. Marc explained the importance of the narrative of words also saying that the photography was deeply important to him. He covered aspects of three projects:  ‘The Last Stand’ (military locations connected to war);The Wounded Landscape (  22 stories of people who experienced the Holocaust, bearing witness through locations); and The Land is Yellow, the Sky is Blue ( images of peace made in a time of war about a village in Ukraine).

A powerful, provocative and empathetic presentation, often disturbing and shocking which stirred the emotions and raised so many unfathomable questions and points of view.