Another evening of our own members showing their work.

We had a great time with Chris Bayley, Graham Cooper & Sheila Haycox individually & collectively covering a vast amount of ground, both geographically and in their photographic styles. 

Chris documented his photographic journey over time and across a range of projects.  His work ranged from a semi-abstract rendition of the bus station, striking for its colour combinations and patterns to wildlife and street photography, where he has developed a knack for spotting engaging combinations of shop fronts, dummies or passers-by, in an interesting or humorous manner.

Graham took us on a near global tour, crossing continents, as well as showing some fine local images.  He has a sharp eye for intriguing sights, and captured perfectly a boy jumping with glee in Lyme Regis, full of life and energy.    Petra in Jordan received particular attention, photographed at different times of the day, with varying types of light combined to spectacular effect.

Sheila showed us a range of AVs, portraying life in Devon, and further afield, including in Valencia and Myanmar.  She demonstrated her creative flair, with different types of narrative from historical storytelling to documentary, and film styles which varied from monochrome Hammer horror to glorious technicolour.