Jane Hilton gave us a fascinating insight into her work as a documentary photographer and film maker, specialising in giving marginalised people a voice. She gave us extracts from a range of her projects ranging from cowboys to Las Vegas weddings and lion tamers.  She has a passion for filming in the States, often in Nevada, and described how her love of road trips and classic cars is often the inspiration for discovering new projects. She has a joy for giving voice to the people she films and says everyone has a story to be told and filming people is a ‘Sharing collaboration.’

Jane referenced the works of others, such as Daniel Meadows in the Lake District and Chris Killip, with a focus on storytelling and deep engagement with those photographed, rather than just a brief connection. 

We appreciated the dedication of Jane’s craft, her sensitivity and value of telling peoples stories, the humour which occasionally shines through, like ”the Elk in the window” and the sadness of the impact of changing fashions on people’s lives as in the story of the Chipperfields and their circus.

All images by Jane Hilton