The Nature Group evening showed us their amazing work with contributions from all members through 2 AV’s and some beautiful prints displayed for viewing.

Trevor Bevan, Rob Landberger and David Pike also gave individual presentations. Trevor showed us what can be achieved from knowing your surrounding area and flora and fauna close to home. A combination of light, weather and the beauty of his local landscape provided the elements for some stunning images of birds and Mammals.

Images by Trevor

Rob took us on a journey of his love of nature and again many of his successful images are from his garden, with a sprinkling of a wider collection from local walks and overseas adventures. A sense of fun and humour provided a lighter note to his serious concern to learn and improve his work and develop a creative approach.

Images by Rob

David took us to three far away places – the US, Mull and South Africa where we were introduced to colourful, sometimes rare and exotic birds and mammals.

Images by David