We enjoy our local heroes’ evenings, when our own members showcase their work.  Their humour, passion for photography & unique styles and approach come through strongly.  Last week, Marija Lees, David Edwards and Dimitrios Theodorakis did us proud with an entertaining evening of their work.

 Marija took us to Terracina in Italy, a visit she made as part of an Exeter Twining connection, a lovely small historic town with an interesting history, culture and ancient architecture. Then the presentation moved to Naples, in complete contrast, a gritty, edgy city full of life and energy, darkness and Mafia associations.

Images by Marija Lees

David explored small worlds on a shoestring budget applying his technical and scientific problem-solving skills to realise his creative and artistic intent. I don’t think we’ve ever seen such a novel and successful approach to macro without spending much cash, a ladybird, blades of grass and beautiful small worlds on a voyage of discovery.

Images by David Edwards

Dimitrios took us to Greece to the island of his father’s family and his heritage. He is on a mission to recapture in pictures the lifestyle, culture and sense of place of his childhood memories of holidays and events, visiting his grandmother and extended family. He plans to make a book of his work.

Image by Dimitrios Theodorakis