A great evening with Scott, who lives in Namibia, rather than just passes through. We saw wildlife, including elephants and pangolins, the unique scaly anteaters severely threatened by both human predation and habitat loss. We also took in some of the dramatic landscape of Namibia. But for many of us, the real difference was Scott’s depth of connection with Namibia and its people. He showed us an eclectic mix of images of people and their society including wedding celebrations; a (tastefully unrevealing) nude calendar girls shoot; a dramatic (albeit deliberate) explosion for gold mining; the work of conservation groups; armed guards protecting rhinos; and further scenes which gave a flavour of what the country is about.

We will invite Scott back to show us more.

A low level shot of a pangolin, obtained by Scott using his technique of letting the camera swing around. (It’s probably kinder on the knees.)

All dressed up for a wedding.

Herero women wear these beautiful big dresses whose style is “borrowed” from the early missionaries and “cow horn” hats. The hats signify that a man’s wife is at least as valuable as the Herero’s most important possession, his herd of cattle.