Another enjoyable evening of our members presenting their work.  

Sandra Barrett reported back on her recent trip to France, to the joint exhibition with la Société Photographique de Rennes.  Further information about this is on our website.

Helena Clarkson took us on an immersive experience at the ‘Frameless’ gallery in Marble Arch, a journey of mystery and discovery. Vibrant colours and abstract patterns and references to famous artists made for a unique approach to her portrayal of ‘Composition through Deconstruction’.

Image credits: Helena Clarkson

Adrian’s adventures on Dartmoor formed part 2 of his series of exploration on the Moor reflecting on numerous visits over time. He made a strong recommendation for frequent ‘recces and return’ to see locations under different conditions. He illustrated what a difference both changing seasons and weather conditions bring to the joy of photography. Adrian has a keen eye for detail and observation in the landscape.