Our president, Anne Whiteley, presented Shelia with a Certificate of Recognition and Achievement for all her hard work and hours spent on the development of the new club website and her continuing service to the club.

Daryl and Judy Ford (known as Dapper and Jude) presented an emotive and inspiring evening of documentary photography featuring intimate portraits of the lives of an older farming community in the mountains of Romania. Some aspects of this hand to mouth existence were quite shocking and others heartwarming, told through a selection of prints, projected images and recollections which opened our eyes to this disappearing way of life. Summed up best in Daryl and Judy’s own words ‘There is something magical about the rural communities of Romania. There is an indescribable feeling of warmth from the people. They live a simple life, show respect for nature and have a deep humbling faith. It is a soul cleansing experience to visit them’.

Images by Daryl

Images by Judy