A report by Sandra Barrett

Seven members from Exeter Camera Club travelled to Rennes, France, for the vernissage (opening) of the Joint Exhibition in Thabor Gardens on Tuesday evening 23rd May.  The welcome was extraordinary and our hosts looked after us and had a programme of events for four days and nights which was so memorable, however the opening of the joint exhibition was the icing on the cake for all of us.

Seeing all our members’ images on show arranged with thought and care, well printed and mounted was so pleasing. We were delighted to attend this exhibition and grateful for the work carried out by their president Gilles Le Certen and Max Juillot organiser, plus SPR members.  Max and others at SPR had worked many hours to match photos and plan for the vernissage (opening). Images from SPR and ECC were balanced by composition and colour for their position and hanging arrangement which gave harmony to the exhibition.

Over 2000 visitors came during the week to view the images.  The visitors also had the opportunity to vote for their favourite image and of those who voted chose a winning image from ECC. Mehran Ellis and his image ‘Cotton World’ achieved the highest number of votes.

We look forward to SPR visiting Exeter next May in 2024 and seeing the same Exhibition within our city.

Photographs of the exhibition by Graham Cooper