Eight members joined George for a workshop on Dartmoor, shooting at Powder Mills, Combestone Tor and Hexworthy.  The feedback from our members was very positive.  Some of their highlights are described below.

 George encouraged us to shoot in manual mode for better creative control, to think differently about aperture choices and to pay more attention to the histogram range and its placement to maximise tonal range for the benefit of post editing.

He was keen to see our various approaches to composition before making suggestions about what angles on the subject might bring best results. A recurring theme throughout the day was to think about getting low to the ground to view the subjects in a different, and more interesting way, and this culminated in George showing us a particular, and quite unique, composition he had explored in this area when doing his reconnaissance before the day.

George made us think out the box.  Light was not great yesterday on Dartmoor and some images I took whilst trying out his suggestions are shown below.  I incorporated elements in the landscape and thought more about the end result than I usually do.