It was a pleasure to welcome John, known to many of us already, to the club. We had an interesting and stimulating evening, offering strong encouragement to go out to shoot, and to print.

John led us on a tour from his home village in Dorset, to the Swanage Railway, Norfolk, Scotland, Iceland, Canada and beyond, displaying an eclectic mix of prints with a variety of subject matter,  including many portraits and landscapes.   He demonstrated his enthusiasm for finding his own scenes to shoot, working in depth on numerous projects to develop his personal approach to the opportunities he finds.  He welcomed the chance to experiment, preferring this to taking the ‘standard’ shots of well known scenes, an example of this being close up, intimate and abstract landscape images.

John is a prolific printer, and has deep knowledge of many of the papers which are available.  We had ample opportunity to view the prints up close, all the better to see the difference between them and images which are only displayed on screens.  

Image credits: John Tilsley