This meeting featured our own members presenting their work. 

Graeme Darling charted the development of the new Hinkley Point C reactor with a series of atmospheric images and panoramas. It is an ongoing project due to complete in 2027.

Paul Marcus demonstrated how valuable it could be to review existing images. By cropping the original, it is possible to change the emphasis of the image and elicit very different emotions.

Paul Marcus: Three crows at dawn

Adrian Harris took us on a trip to the various stepping stones to be found on Dartmoor. He even discovered a mini henge! He also displayed a very informative map of Dartmoor which allowed us to see their various locations.

Adrian Harris: Stepping Stones at Sherberton

Dartmoor Scenes by Adrian Harris

To end the evening, Phil Woolley took us to Iceland. From the unique buildings to be found in Reykjavik, to the iconic and often isolated churches to the wild wonders of the unique landscape. Stunning images giving us a great feel of this popular photographic destination.