In the first half of the evening, Simon drew on the symbols and techniques of Still Life in Art and the influences of the old masters like Vermeer, Rembrandt and Caravaggio on photography. His knowledge and explanation was thorough, touching on early photographers like Fenton, Blossfeldt and Weston; their use of light, shape, form and perspective. Various modern photographers and their work were covered including Michael Lamotte, Tinneke Stoffels and Mandy Disher.  Simon showed some of his own superb work, sharing tips and tricks of lighting, settings and props and emphasising the importance of telling a story.  Lots of bargains to be found in charity shops and the B&Q bin! In the second half he gave an informed critique of members images and suggested ways to improve. He was complimentary of the standard of work submitted.

Image creditis: Simon Caplan