Our club member and professional photographer, John Baker, stepped in the ‘eleventh hour’ when our booked speaker had to cancel. He gave us a masterclass in action and stills photography, colour and monochrome. He showed how his photography changed course when his father in law gave him a Leica camera and various lenses. ‘My Year in Triptychs’ demonstrated his way of storytelling with many local scenes ‘on his doorstep’ to Cornwall, Dartmoor and the Marlborough Downs.

John’s knowledge of his craft and his practice of returning to locations time and again, often in different conditions showed the landscape in a variety of light and moods. He described how working on projects and setting yourself a challenge is a good way to develop through experimentation and exploration. We were treated to action photography par excellence from birds, the night sky, through to water sports, dirt track and rally racing and flight. Perhaps the most important message that John wanted to convey is his philosophy of photography being an activity to be appreciated together, the fun and companionship in sharing an experience.

The evening was well supported by the club members attending and comments of appreciation received. Thanks to John we were able to enjoy a full evening of remarkable photography.