A Tale of Two Cities in Photography

Joint Photography Exhibition with La Société Photographique de Rennes and Exeter Camera Club


 A Joint Exhibition of work on the theme of “Our Countryside”

Below a review of the exhibition held in Rennes May 2023.  Exeter Camera Club aims to organize a collaborative exhibition titled “Our Countryside” in Exeter for the upcoming year.

Venue will be Make Tank in Paris Street in Exeter 


Exeter Camera Club known as ECC has long established roots within our city. Exeter is twinned with Rennes in Brittany France.   We have well established community links through photography with La Société Photographique de Rennes known as SPR.  Both clubs were founded in the same year 1890 during the golden age of photography.

Gilles Le Certen, the President of SPR writes: ­“We were delighted to have had a joint photography exhibition in Rennes with SPR and ECC exhibiting 40 images (20 images from each club).  We have selected the theme ‘Our Countryside’ for an exhibition that portrays our interpretations of rural scenes in our respective regions and our region is Brittany.

The aim of this shared project was to interpret artistically scenes that are familiar to us, some have chosen to authentically portray typical countryside scenes, while others have sought out atypical aspects or have employed innovative approaches to present an individual viewpoint.

It was a successful joint exhibition held in Thabor Gardens in Rennes 22 – 28 May which was free and open to the public.”

Anne Whiteley, President of ECC writes: “We welcomed the opportunity for Exeter Camera Club to participate in this unique joint exhibition with Société Photographique de Rennes.  Our photographs were taken in the region of the Southwest and include 20 images produced in different genres of photography with most images taken in Devon and many of Dartmoor.

Seven of our photographers from ECC travelled to Rennes for the opening of the exhibition.  Marija Lees, is one of them and was pleased her image was selected for the poster to advertise the event by SPR.

The event had a public vote for the best image and Mehran Ellis’s image was chosen.

Below are two Galleries – one for the Exeter Camera Club’s images and the other for La Société Photographic de Rennes images.

Thanks are given to Sandra Barrett, Organiser of the Event


Images from Exeter Camera Club

Images from La Société Photographic de Rennes