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Projected Image Resizing Recommendations

Digital images should be correctly sized, named, and saved in the correct format constrained to a maximum of 1400 pixels in width and/or 1050 pixels in height. They should be JPEG images high quality. Images entered into the projected image section or any club competitions must be properly prepared.

These illustrations were made using Photoshop Elements—what ever Photo-editing Software you use, the selections will be similar.

One foolproof way to set the image size correctly is to use "Image Size" and watch both the width and height sizes before pressing the OK button. First, ensure that the "Resample Image" box is ticked as this allows you to set the image's pixel dimensions. Ignore all the information in the "Document Size" box as this has no bearing on what we are doing here. The "Constrain Proportions" box should be ticked as we do not want to distort the image by changing one of its dimensions without changing the other in proportion.  As "Width" is the first box, change this to show 1400 (pixels). Before doing anything else, look at what is now in the "Height" box. If this is more than 1050, change it to be 1050. You should then see that the width has been reduced accordingly.

As mentioned above, none of the information in the "Document Size" box is relevant here. In particular, you absolutely do not have to worry about the "Resolution" setting for DPIs. The projector and software is interested only in the pixel dimensions.